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Bluey Party Supplies for Kids’ Birthday Party decorations Tableware plate cup Set


Make your child's birthday bash a hit with our comprehensive 70-piece Bluey Party Supplies set! Transform any space into a vibrant Bluey-themed extravaganza with ease.

Included in this deluxe package are:

- 1 eye-catching Bluey birthday banner, setting the tone for a festive celebration.
- 16 charming 7-inch plates, perfect for serving up delicious treats and snacks.
- 16 sturdy 9-inch plates, providing ample space for the main course and more.
- 16 adorable paper cups, designed for sipping beverages in style.
- 20 soft and absorbent paper napkins, ensuring easy clean-up without sacrificing fun.
- 1 generously-sized 274cm x 137cm table cover, adding a pop of color and protection to your party surface.

Crafted with high-quality materials and featuring delightful Bluey-themed designs, our partyware is sure to captivate young imaginations and create lasting memories. Elevate your child's birthday party to a whole new level of excitement with our Bluey Party Supplies set!

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