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Van Gogh Starry Night Thread Blanket, Throw Blanket, Sofa cover, mat


Introducing the Starry Night Van Gogh Throw Blanket: a mesmerizing tribute to one of the most renowned masterpieces in art history. This blanket isn't merely a decor piece; it's a homage, a canvas of artistic brilliance woven into every thread. Whether adorning your sofa with a touch of van Gogh's ethereal sky or enveloping yourself in its comforting embrace, you're not just indulging in warmth — you're enveloping yourself in a masterpiece.

Artistic Marvel**: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Van Gogh's Starry Night with this captivating blanket, transforming any space into an art lover's sanctuary.

Crafted with Care**: Meticulously crafted from premium materials, this blanket ensures not only artistic integrity but also durability and plush comfort, promising a cozy companion for countless moments of relaxation.

Versatile Elegance**: Whether draped over your favorite armchair or used as a decorative accent on your bed, this blanket effortlessly enhances the ambiance of any room with its timeless elegance and iconic imagery.

Perfect Dimensions**: With measurements of 160 cm by 130 cm and a weight of just 900 grams, this blanket strikes the ideal balance between lightweight comfort and substantial warmth, inviting you to snuggle up in style.

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