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Ninja Turtle Foil Hellium Balloon for Birthday Party

Ninja Turtle Foil Hellium Balloon for Birthday Party


Enjoy this hottest Ninja Turtle Foil Balloon for Birthday / Party Decoration ( Hellium not included)

Inflatable with air or hellium and reusable.

Featured: Ninja Turtle
Packing: 1pcs
Specification: 18''
Material: Foil Balloons
Function: Wedding Arrangements New Home Decoration Birthday Party Christmas
Weight: 15g
Age Range: Children Classic Toys,Kids,Baby,Adult
Steps to inflate the foil balloon:

Insert a straw between the two slips of colored plastic. Hold the sleeves tight and start blowing.
Note: Inflate the balloon about 95% full and do not over inflate as it will burst the balloon.

Steps to deflate the foil balloon:

Same way to insert the straw in and carefully roll and push gently on balloon until you hear a hissing sound.

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