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Mickey and Minnie Happy Birthday Foil Helium Balloon Set for Party

Mickey and Minnie Happy Birthday Foil Helium Balloon Set for Party


Surprise your little one with a large set of Mickey and Minnie Foil Balloon Set for Birthday Party Decoration ( Helium not included)

Inflatable with air or helium and reusable. You can also put them together the way you like, or make some hang around with helium, or save some for next party, what a big save!

Featured: Mickey and Minnie Happy Birthday
Packing: 1 set
Specification: Mickey and Minnie Mouse ( these are huge as tall as 1 metre) Rainbow ( double side print, the other side is Happy Birthday, 76cm wide) Happy Birthday Letters ( 40cm) Pink Flower ( 58cm) Red/Green Flower (44cm) six assorted big stars (25cm) four assorted small stars and two hearts (12cm)

Material: Foil Balloons
Function: Wedding Valentine's Day Dinner Engagement Proposal Arrangements Birthday Decoration Party
Weight: 35g
Age Range: Children Classic Toys,Kids,Baby,Adult
Steps to inflate the foil balloon:

Insert a straw between the two slips of colored plastic. Hold the sleeves tight and start blowing.
Note: Inflate the balloon about 95% full and do not over inflate as it will burst the balloon.

Steps to deflate the foil balloon:

Same way to insert the straw in and carefully roll and push gently on balloon until you hear a hissing sound.

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