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McFarlane Batman Arkham City Black & White Gold Label Set of 4

$149.99 $189.99

Brand New - Unopen, prefect Box

McFarlane Toys - new DC Multiverse figures are on the way exclusive. The Batman: Arkham City Build-A-Figure wave is back, but with a new black and white deco. This exclusive set includes the same figures as the previous colored version, accessories and all, but with a new monochromatic deco. Some elements of color are features like blood on Batmen, red goggles with Catwoman, and colored tattoos of Ra's Al Ghul. Solomon Grundy is still the figure that is created when all four figures are united, but will a new all-gray design, which is very fitting for his character. If you love Black and White Batman stuff, then this set is for you, or if you want that all gray Grundy.

This is a Full set to build a figure - Gray Grundy Mcfarlane BAF Gray Grundy SET OF 4

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