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Dinosaur figure DIY painting kit - Brachiosaurus

Dinosaur figure DIY painting kit - Brachiosaurus


This is for one Dinosaur figure DIY painting kit - Brachiosaurus For Age 3+

Brachiosaurus was an unusual dinosaur that lived 155.7 million to 150.8 million years ago during the mid- to late Jurassic Period. Specimens have been found primarily in the fossil-rich Morrison Formation in North America, but the dinosaur did not resemble any of the others that roamed the region. Its long neck made it look like a giraffe, and its forelegs were longer than its hind legs. The name Brachiosaurus, in fact, means "arm lizard."

This figure is made of high quality plastic and yet soft and safe for kids too and is made according to the scale of real things so that it is lifelike and breath-taking!!!!
Best for educational and for children to learn and play with this amazing creature. It makes a creative decor for kids room too.

Great gift for kids and spend time painting together to have fun.
this kit includes:
-1x Brachiosaurus figure
-6x little pots of colors
-1x brush to paint the colors
-instruction of color reference on package

size of the package: 21cm x 17cm x 6.5cm
size of the dinosaur:14cm long, 10cm tall

Best toy to develop children's imagination and start creating your own self painting Jurassic Park or Jurassic WORLD, check out other dinosaurs at my listings!!!

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