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Dinosaur Collectable Figure Triceratop (Green)

Dinosaur Collectable Figure Triceratop (Green)


This is for one Dinosaur Collection figure - Triceratop

Triceratops is the largest of the horned dinosaurs.With its three horns and its giant frill, Triceratops is one of those dinosaurs that can be spotted from a mile away.Triceratops lived during the Late Cretaceous of North America, its fossils have come from the Evanston Formation, Scollard Formation, Laramie Formation, Lance Formation, Denver Formation, and Hell Creek Formation. These fossil formations date back to the time of the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event, and has been dated to 66 ± 0.07 million years ago. Many animals and plants have been found in these formations, but mostly from the Lance Formation and Hell Creek Formation

This is made of high quality plastic and yet soft and safe for kids too and is made according to the scale of real things so that it is lifelike and breath-taking!!!!
Best for educational and for children to learn and play with this amazing creature. It make a great decor for kids room too.

Size of the figure: 14cm height, 21cm length
size of box package: 31cm x 23cm x 19cm

Create your own Jurassic Park or Jurassic WORLD, check out other dinosaurs at my listings!!!

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