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Christmas masks for Mummy Daddy and me


Why not brighten this season with matching Xmas masks? We have these jolly cloth masks just in store, 4 sizes available for both kids and adults.

Merry Christmas! Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful summer! 

Proudly NZ Handmade with a filter pocket

2 layers of 100% cotton fabrics.

Sizes (approximate only):

 Size Approx. Age Nose to Chin
Side to Nose Side to Middle Side to Chin
Littlie Up to 6yr 11cm 8.5cm 9cm 8cm
Junior 7-11yr 12cm 9cm 10cm 8.5cm
Teen/Small Adult 12yr+ 13cm 10cm 11cm 9.5cm
Adult Medium - 14.5cm 10cm 11.5cm 10cm

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