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The Good Dinosaurs Foil Hellium Balloon

The Good Dinosaurs Foil Hellium Balloon


Enjoy this lovely The good Dinosaurs Foil Balloon for Party Decoration (Hellium not included)

Inflatable with air or hellium and reusable.

Featured: The Good Dinosaurs
Packing: 1pcs
Specification: 18inch
Material: Foil Balloons
Function: Dinosaurs theme, kids party, birthday party
Weight: 15g
Age Range: Children Classic Toys,Kids,Baby,Adult

Steps to inflate the foil balloon:

Insert a straw between the two slips of colored plastic. Hold the sleeves tight and start blowing.
Note: Inflate the balloon about 95% full and do not over inflate as it will burst the balloon.

Steps to deflate the foil balloon:

Same way to insert the straw in and carefully roll and push gently on balloon until you hear a hissing sound.

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