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Bluey Plush Toy Soft toy 30cm - Talking Bluey Singing Theme songs + phrases


Introducing the Bluey Plush Toy - your child's cuddly companion straight from the beloved Bluey TV show! This adorable soft toy stands at 30cm tall and is ready to bring endless joy with its interactive features.

Press Bluey's ear to activate delightful theme songs and phrases from the show, creating a magical experience for fans of all ages. Whether it's singing along to catchy tunes or reliving memorable moments with Bluey's iconic phrases, this plush toy is sure to spark laughter and imagination.

Made with soft, high-quality materials, Bluey is perfect for snuggles and playtime adventures. Bring the magic of Bluey into your home with this charming plush toy - it's bound to become a cherished favorite for any Bluey fan!

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