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Summer make over for your kids room

wall stickers

For the 2017, you will always want a fresh look and even something more stylish for your Home decor. What we have in store for you are the Geometric wall art decor.

There are a lot of different pattern to suit your Kids room. Start from our two most popular range, Boys room should consider the Batman theme wall art stickers and for the Girls, Flamingo wall art stickers are a very good choice too. Other patterns features like Dot, Rain drop, Tree, Stars are simple, stylish and Urban living style.

The Wall stickers are very easy to set up and also easy to take down as well.

You will need a measure tape to take a good measure of the position for each of them, so they are looking in tidy patterns or you can go for whatever you like, BE creative! :)

Enjoy your 2017 make over.

Happy living, Happy life with Happy Kong




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